“Dear Past, thank you for the lessons. Dear Future, I am ready.”

What a photograph is worth

I started writing a post about what a photograph is worth. And then I threw it in the trash.

I could give you numbers about how many hours I spend planning a shoot from mood boards, to shopping and meditation. Or how much money I spent on photography equipment and training last year.

But somehow I don’t think that matters. Perhaps I will have additional thoughts in a later post. And at the end of the day that is now why I do photography.

Right now I still work a corporate job and I was expressing some of my frustrations about my […]

This is Me- A Body Image Discussion

I was photographing a client who I also knew had experience in photography. Knowing that I often share the sentiment of not liking any photos of me I asked her if she wanted to turn the camera on me for a minute. I had no make up on and went and threw on a black polo that I often wear while shooting.  I don’t think I even ran a brush through my hair. But if I am honest, this is me on a typical day. A reflection of me. My body image. Simple, but ready to attack the world.

I […]

No One Notices Your Wrinkles

The other day I was showing someone their gorgeous photos and their first comment was about a wrinkle. My jaw dropped for a second because I am meticulous about my editing and I had done what I thought was a beautiful edit on the skin. This person quickly laughed, complimented my photos and admitted that they were just being picky. But later I thought about my experience editing and noticing details on people’s faces that I didn’t notice before and I realized something.

No one notices your wrinkles. At least not to the point you do.

I have edited several faces […]

What I Learned from Photographing 12 Girls in 3 Days

It didn’t really hit me until I was attempting to walk into my day job on Monday as a third party risk manager for a local non-profit. I didn’t want to be there. And frankly had a hard time walking in the building. After a long weekend full of laughter, wonder and lots of twirling I realized how much fun I had just had the previous weekend photographing 12 girls. This is what I learned.

What I learned is giggling fixes everything.

Not sure how to pose? Giggle. Not sure how to say yes to wearing a tiara? Giggle. Want to […]

How Do You Want to Be Photographed?

A photograph. And a good photograph. It is widely interpreted these days. And I know of some studios that say it is not even a photograph until it is printed.

Hello out there digital world.

I used to ‘shoot and burn’ as they say. Meet you at the park. Take your picture. Send you some shots. The end.

To put it lightly, I hated it.

I never felt like they were that good and I always felt like I could do so much better. There was something inside of me that wanted to pay attention to detail, I just didn’t know how.

Then enter