I started writing a post about what a photograph is worth. And then I threw it in the trash.

I could give you numbers about how many hours I spend planning a shoot from mood boards, to shopping and meditation. Or how much money I spent on photography equipment and training last year.

But somehow I don't think that matters. Perhaps I will have additional thoughts in a later post. And at the end of the day that is now why I do photography.

Right now I still work a corporate job and I was expressing some of my frustrations about my corporate job to a friend. My oh so wise friend commented back that right now it might be hard for me to go back and forth between my corporate job and my photography job. Right now in corporate world I do not feel valued. In photography I do.

I love that in photography I can give people a ‘wow'. The world is gorgeous. I think I have been snapping pictures of the world in my mind even before I got my first camera when I was twelve. I also think many times now days we neglect to stop and pay attention to the world in that way. I LOVE capturing that moment of a child's expression. I love capturing that moment of an expression of genuine affection for another person. And that moment where someone for one moment lets their confidence shine.

photograph is worth

What a life changing moment is worth

These moments can be life changing. I have had the amazing opportunity to photograph some gorgeous kiddos. But one I will always remember. Prior to the session the mom shared with me how their child had been bullied at school due to their appearance. In our session we brought them in and took our time making sure everything was just perfect with their wardrobe and appearance. It really is too bad people make these judgements because we giggled so much in this session. This child deserve to know how amazing they are and I believe that knowledge can change their life.

To date that mom has shared with me how their child's self image has changed. I have had people that I have taken pictures of tell me how their image reminds them of how amazing they are and can continue to be. To this mom their photograph is worth a lot.

I think sometimes we just need a reminder. A different view point.

So while to many perhaps all I do is click a camera. But to me it is so much more than that. I am so grateful that early on I decided I did not want souvenirs on vacations- I wanted pictures. I love pictures. There are pictures of my kids that I treasure. And perhaps when I find the right photographer for me I will have a picture of me to remind me on those days that I need it. Because there is nothing wrong with taking a glimpse of how someone else may see you. Of having a little reminder. And knowing that you are beautiful. I would contest for many this would be life changing.

So while in the end I may hand you a fancy box of gorgeous portraits it is more than that. More than the the paper the photograph is simply printed on. Our process of creating a photograph is worth so much more. It is an experience to look back on and remember for the rest of your life. It is something your kids will have. A time when you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you are amazing. And you are worth it.

Note: This is a picture of my gorgeous mom. I am not attaching the picture related to the story here to protect their privacy.