The other day I was showing someone their gorgeous photos and their first comment was about a wrinkle. My jaw dropped for a second because I am meticulous about my editing and I had done what I thought was a beautiful edit on the skin. This person quickly laughed, complimented my photos and admitted that they were just being picky. But later I thought about my experience editing and noticing details on people's faces that I didn't notice before and I realized something.

No one notices your wrinkles. At least not to the point you do.

I have edited several faces at this point and I can tell you there are some crazy details that I never noticed before about people. Including people I should probably know details about. Like say the fact that my grandma has eyes that are two different colors. Sorry grandma! But unless it is your photographer- no one notices your wrinkles. And I don't really even notice them until I retouch.

What I do notice about people before I edit.

I will tell you what I do notice about a person though. They have the most amazing smile. They know just when to call me on a bad day. They are a great friend, mother, dad. They give an amazing massage. They are a great teacher. They showed up with cookies for my birthday. They randomly texted me with an unexpected invite.
What I don't notice about them is their weight. Or how many wrinkles they have. Or that new grey hair that popped up last week. I may notice if a person looks a little tired, sick or stressed- but I would just attribute that from my nursing back ground. I don't notice this until closer examination with my camera. And even then- it is still without judgement.
no one notices your wrinkles

Are we the only person that freaks out over our own wrinkles?

My point is how many times do we freak out over nothing but that little voice in our head that continually feeds us with doubt? Your are too fat. You have a new wrinkle today. You have bags under your eyes. Man, you look horrible. I think we forget that little voice is ONLY in our heads. And it is something that we have control over.
It was not until speaking with my friend that I noticed the difference. I had never noticed that prominence on her forehead before. The scar above her nose. Or any wrinkles that she had. She was just my friend. Someone that has shown up for me when I needed assistance. Someone that is one of the most interesting people to talk to because of her take on life. Never once while talking to her did I think man- have you seen your wrinkles?
So while I will likely notice your wrinkles in our photography process. There is probably a good chance no one notices your wrinkles. So maybe wrinkles are something we can all worry a little bit less about. And enjoy those other wrinkly friends a little more. Because I tell you- they are pretty great.
The above is a picture of my grandma. Isn't she fabulous?