A photograph. And a good photograph. It is widely interpreted these days. And I know of some studios that say it is not even a photograph until it is printed.

Hello out there digital world.

I used to ‘shoot and burn’ as they say. Meet you at the park. Take your picture. Send you some shots. The end.

To put it lightly, I hated it.

I never felt like they were that good and I always felt like I could do so much better. There was something inside of me that wanted to pay attention to detail, I just didn’t know how.

Then enter Sue Bryce.

She is a Canon explorer of light. An amazing photographer for over 20 years. And an amazing woman beyond that.

She helped me figure out what I wanted to do with photography.

I didn’t want to shoot weddings- and that is completely fine.

I don’t mind newborns… but that is not my first love either.

And big families… the right family can be fun but don’t even get me started.

What I discovered I love is intimate settings. A small group. A child. An individual. A few friends. Humanity in the moment.

That is what I love.

The Process of Creating Photos

First Sue lays out a process of planning the photo shoot. As opposed to meeting your client for the first time at that dingy park.

But seriously have you ever thought why photos in magazines turn out so good? Have you ever thought maybe a photoshoot could actually be fun? It all goes back to planning. And I love it.

So we get together and plan your dream day. This is where we plan how you want to be photographed. What do you want to wear? Ball gown or jeans? Where do you want to shoot? My favorite the Bonneville Salt Flats or my studio? Who do you want to share your day with? We plan it all out ahead of time so you have nothing to worry about.

Especially if a client brings their imagination.

By the way dear client that sent me a message about doing girls in dresses with soccer balls and cleats on. I am disappointed I was never able to reach you after your inquiry. And if you are ever up for the shoot- I am still so down to do it. The shoot idea is creative and I love expressing a specific idea. Especially one for me that was so tough to learn. It is completely okay for girls to be tough and pretty. They can co-exist. And do so beautifully.

Anyway, the Photo Shoot.

After that we blow the shoot out of the water, so to speak. Treat you like a celebrity for a day. I found an amazing makeup artist and she is fantastic. I have over 100 dresses, ruffles, wraps, props and flowers. Just to make it your day.

After the shoot we do some secret retouching magic….

Then comes the reveal.

How you want to be photographed comes together. You and your gorgeous photos. The first time meeting yourself. Most people think they don’t look good in pictures. They are not photogenic. Well aside from being too hard on ourselves, we have put a few secrets into our process to make you come out looking gorgeous. Or handsome and dapper if your a dude. And this is why it is not the shoot and burn process.

You see the whole process allows us to get to know each other. Then on the day we do pictures it is not a stranger behind the camera. It’s at least a familiar face, if not that a friend. One that is looking to provide you with the remarkable service, a few laughs and memories to last generations.

How do you want to be photographed?